Wedding Traditions get a makeover

There are some wedding traditions that date back to…well much too far back for any of us to remember why they were established in the first place. Today, we’re seeing more and more couples break with some of these long-standing traditions in favor of a more personalized wedding that truly highlights their personalities, and adds unique touches to their special day. Below are some modern-day makeovers of older traditions.

Old Tradition: Save the top tier of your wedding cake

Some believe that it’s good luck to freeze the top tier of your cake in order to thaw and eat it on your first anniversary. Really though, who wants to actually eat cake that’s a year old? Further, unless it is wrapped and frozen properly (completely airtight), the freezer burn alone will make you cringe upon opening it. A better option is to make arrangements with your baker to have a ‘replica’ of your top tier made fresh one year later. Many bakers will be happy to do this, and often will throw it in for free since you’re buying your wedding cake from them. The fresh flavor of your replica cake will let you and your honey fondly celebrate that day one year ago when you were cutting and feeding each other a piece of your wedding cake. If you were more of a ‘smash the cake in your face at the wedding' type of couple, well we won’t judge how you want to celebrate your anniversary…

Old Tradition: Don't see each other before your ceremony

This idea that it’s bad luck to see each other on your wedding day before the ceremony has been proven false many times over. There really is no reason to wait until your walk down the aisle to lay eyes on your other half, so I say do a First Look! This is a private photo shoot where the two of you meet with the photographer shortly before the ceremony. Not only does this help alleviate pre-ceremony nerves, but it also gives you more free time after the ceremony to really enjoy your cocktail hour or reception.

Old Tradition: You have to wear all white to your wedding

No explanation needed that this tradition is completely outdated. Don’t get me wrong because

there are absolutely gorgeous white wedding dresses and if you want to wear white – go for it! I wore a white dress and loved it. I’ve also seen many weddings where the bride’s dress had other colors in it, and loved them all too. I’m just telling you that there is no rule about the color of your dress, and it’s all about choice. If you prefer to wear ivory, cornflower blue, or soft pink, do that. If you would rather add a splash of color with your shoes, a sash, or cardigan, do that! Don’t be afraid to incorporate color into your wedding attire to accent your personality. It is, after all, YOUR wedding, so make it what you want it to be.

Old Tradition: You have to have the same number of bridesmaids and groomsmen

When did wedding parties become more about matching numbers than it did about celebrating

friendships? Don’t feel pressured to have exactly 6 Bridesmaids and 6 groomsmen. What matters most is that your VIPs are your nearest and dearest. For that matter, you don’t have to restrict the bridal party to just girls, nor the groom’s party to just guys. I broke both of these rules for my wedding. Not only did I have my brother stand on my side as my “Mister of Honor”, but my hubby and I invited our closest circle of friends to be in our bridal party because these were the people that we wanted up there with us, not because we needed x number of guys and girls. It so happened that our circle of friends consisted of more guys than girls, but it didn’t matter because our dearest friends were up there with us on our special day.

Old Tradition: You should register for fine china and kitchen items

Many people are already set with their kitchen needs by the time of their wedding. If you are still in need of things like china and silverware, or if you would like to upgrade older appliances, then by all means add them to your registry; Just don’t feel like there are no other options when it comes to your registry. Your guests would rather buy you what you actually want and need, so things like sports equipment, luggage, art, and honeymoon funding accounts are all great registry additions.

Bottom line, make your wedding day uniquely yours. Break the rules, wear colors if you want to, match…or don’t…and have fun. Which new traditions will you be creating for your unique wedding?

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