Fun Reception Ideas

Photo Booth fun at Scenic Springs

After hosting hundreds of Wedding Receptions, we at Scenic Springs have seen it all - from the classic and simple dinner and dancing, up to a full blown masquerade style party with live magicians and a juggler! There are so many ideas you can incorporate into your Reception to make it fun and engaging for you and all of your guests. Here are some of our favorites:

Who's my Husband?

The bride is blindfolded and placed in front of several men, one being her husband and the others being members of the bridal party or guests. She must figure out which one is her husband by only touching their faces.

Anniversary Game

This is a very cute way to recognize and celebrate all of the married couples. The DJ asks all couples to join the bride and groom on the dance floor. A romantic slow song such as "Everything" by Michael Buble, or "Falling in Love with You" by Elvis starts playing and all of the couples begin dancing. After 20 seconds or so, the DJ asks for the couples married less than 5 years to step off the dance floor and take their seats, while the rest of the couples continue dancing. After another short span of time passes, the DJ asks the couples who have been married less than 10 years to take their seats, and so on. This continues until there is one couple left on the dance floor - the longest married couple. When the longest married couple finishes their dance, they are asked to offer the bride and groom a piece of advice for their marriage.

Bride & Groom Trivia

The bride and groom provide questions and answers about their life to their DJ or Wedding Manager ahead of time. The DJ will periodically call out one of these questions, which the guests have to race to answer first. The first to answer can possibly win a prize, or get to take home a centerpiece. This is also a fun way to release tables for dinner (i.e. the table of the person who answered first gets to be released first).

Reception Menu Puzzle

The menu is cut up into puzzle pieces, and the pieces to make up one full menu are placed on each table. During cocktail hour or while the bride and groom are taking pictures before dinner, the guests at each table can have a fun time working together to assemble the puzzle and unveil the delicious dinner they will soon enjoy.

Lawn Games

Horseshoes, bean bag toss, ladderball...who doesn't enjoy some good old fashioned lawn games?

The Shoe Game

The Bride and Groom are seated in chairs back to back in the middle of the dance floor, and remove their shoes, They trade one shoe with each other, so they each have a bride's shoe and a groom's shoe. Here's where the fun begins. The DJ or someone in the wedding party is designated call out a list of prepared questions; the bride and groom do not know the questions ahead of time. Being asked one question at a time, the bride and groom each raise the shoe of the person whose tendencies they feel are best represented by the question. They can't see each other and don't know if their partner is answering the same way or not, though the guests' reactions can often give a good indication! This is a highly entertaining game and always good for laughs. Some fun questions to ask are:

Who is the better kisser?

Who takes the longest time getting ready in the bathroom? Who spends the most time watching TV? Who is in charge of the remote control? Who has the smelliest feet?

Who has the worst sense of direction? Who is the pickiest eater?

Who will control the checkbook? When you were dating, who made the first move? Who snores the loudest? Who wears the pants in the family?

Freeze Dance The DJ plays a fast song and when the music stops, all must freeze. Changing songs and telling people what to do like putting their hands in the air will add spice to the contest.

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