What to know when selecting your venue

There are so many different venues to choose from today, and they are all very different from each other, both in terms of what they look like and what they offer. First and foremost, you have to choose a venue that suits your style and the vision you have for your event. After those decisions are made, it's important to be aware of and consider some lesser-known but highly important factors:

Vendor Fees

Some venues impose extra fees (“vendor fees” or "venue fees") upon each outside vendor that the customer hires for their event. The vendors are sometimes contractually barred from even being able to disclose this information to the customer, but the result is that each of these vendors has to build these fees into their quotes to the customer so that the venue can be given a secret kick-back or referral fee by the vendors. This results in raising the overall costs of goods and services, sometimes by as much as 25%!

This practice is done so that customers can be enticed to book with a venue based on low rental pricing, but without realizing the hidden costs they will have to pay for that ‘low price.’

At Scenic Springs, you will never be surprised with extra taxes, surcharges, or worst of all, vendor or venue fees. We feel that this practice is unethical, which is why all of our pricing is upfront and is also why our Recommended Vendor list is built solely on merit, not money.


Wedding/Event Manager

You will find a lot of venues now offer an event manager as part of your venue rental, but what does this really mean? It is important to get a detailed description of what each different venue's manager will truly do for you. Research shows that the overwhelming majority of venue managers do nothing more than sit in a back office waiting for your event to end so they can turn off the lights and lock up. They don't truly help you, but rather are used as an enticement to book with their venue, making you think you are getting more than you actually are.

Unlike those other venues, your designated Scenic Springs Manager will work one-on-one with you from the time you book through the completion of your event. She will work with you to recommend vendors, put together timelines, offer assistance and advice along the way, coordinate with your chosen vendors on your behalf, and any other logistical/planning issues needed.

Scenic Springs Wedding Manager

She will direct your Wedding Rehearsal and your Ceremony on your wedding day. She will be with you throughout the entire reception to coordinate with vendors, maintain the reception timeline to ensure all activities are taking place as scheduled, cue your vendors, and troubleshoot as needed. You can find the full description by visiting the following link and scrolling down to "Wedding Manager":


Apples to Apples for true cost comparison

When comparing venues, some have a higher initial price while others have a lower initial price. Be certain to do a full comparison of all bottom-line costs and venue inclusions before making your selection. Just because you may book a venue that shows a low rental price does not mean you will end up spending less. In fact, in many cases you will spend more to rent that venue in the end. Why is this? There are multiple reasons:

1) That venue may charge vendor fees, as described above, which will ultimately be passed along to you.

2) That venue may impose other fees, such as service charges and/or taxes, which can significantly increase your bill.

3) That venue may be including only minimal amenities, or not giving you enough time for your event, which you will be charged separately for.

For example, a Wedding Manager, table linens, setup & cleanup, additional venue time for special portrait sessions and rehearsals, and more are all already included in Scenic Springs' bottom line pricing.

4) That venue may require you to use their vendors. Normally in this case, the venue is receiving some sort of kickback by the vendor in exchange for bringing them business by requiring you to use them. Also, where venues offer in-house sevices such as bartending and catering, they make most of their money by selling you the food and alcohol, so they are able to entice you to book their venue by offering an initial 'low room rental rate.' Once you add in the pricing for other products and services that you must purchase through them, you will find that your 'venue' price ended up not being as affordable as it initially appeared.

We at Scenic Springs believe in flexibility and options. We can arrange to provide vendors for you, or you can choose to bring in your own vendors.

Be sure you are truly comparing apples to apples when researching different venues. It will make all the difference between achieving either an unexpectedly stressful event, or a spectacular event!

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