Of course you may bring in your own caterer for your event, but why would you want to do extra work? Our all-inclusive packages provide a unique and tasty culinary experience.


If you still want to bring in your own caterer, we can provide you with excellent suggestions from our Recommended Vendors list. 


* If you choose your own, they must have a valid Food Handler’s License issued by the Texas Health Department and carry a minimum $1,000,000 liability insurance policy. Any caterers other than those listed on the Recommended Vendors list must first be approved by Scenic Springs before they will be allowed on site.



Scenic Springs can provide you with a beautiful and elegant wedding cake for your special day.  Our cakes are baked fresh and come in an array of delectable flavors, shapes and sizes.  Please ask to see our cake portfolio if you are interested.

Pricing starts at $2.99 per serving

DJ & Music

While Scenic Springs does allow you to bring in your own DJ, that typically means that you will have to have bulky speakers and equipment crowding up your beautiful wedding or event. If you want a more elegant solution, you can have Scenic Springs provide the DJ and music for your event.


The Scenic Springs DJ service provides you with all the services traditionally provided by modern DJ's including the following:


  • Customized music played through the Hall music system throughout your event

    • A built-in high fidelity sound system

    • Multiple sub-woofers are built in for extra bass and dance music

  • Disco lighting and lasers for the dance atmosphere

  • General announcements made by the DJ using the built in microphone system

  • One meeting to discuss your music preferences

    • Additional meetings available by request

  • Coordinates with the Scenic Springs Wedding Day Manager or Event planner

    • Ensures that your order of events stay on track


By allowing Scenic Springs to DJ your event, you no longer have to worry about bulky equipment or lighting taking up space and ruining your elegant atmosphere because ours is all built in!  Add this service onto any event or wedding today. Ask your Wedding Day Manager or Event planner now for more information!

5-hour DJ service only $695.00

Bar Service

You can choose between several different open bar options, a cash bar, or you can provide all of the alcohol yourself. All alcohol will be served by licensed and liability insured bartenders for the duration of the event. There is a beautiful bar built in the Hall, but you can also have your bar outside on one of our patios if you prefer.


Ask us today about the fun signature cocktails offered!


**Now offering Champagne Bars!**

Candy & Popcorn Buffets

Add a sweet or savory buffet to your event and jazz up any party! We offer both candy and popcorn buffets to make your event extra special.


Candy Buffet

A whimsical and sweet addition to any event, the candy buffet can be tailored to suit your tastes. We will match your color scheme and display the candy in an array of different shaped and sized glass jars. All of our candy buffets include the candy & jars, setup, accessories for a jazzed-up candy table (colored tulle or specialty linen, risers for varying jar heights, fabric, candles & other décor as needed), candy bags, scoops, tongs, candy signs and refilling of the buffet as needed.

Popcorn Buffet

Whether you prefer sweet, savory, colorful or simple, there is a popcorn flavor for you! We will match your color scheme and display the popcorn in a mix of medium and large glass jars. All of our popcorn buffets include the popcorn & jars, setup, accessories for a jazzed-up table (colored tulle or specialty linen, risers for varying jar heights, fabric, candles & other décor as needed), bags, scoops, tongs, signs and refilling of the buffet as needed.

Ceremony Coordinator

Are you having your reception at Scenic Springs but your ceremony elsewhere? The Scenic Springs Ceremony Coordinator can help ensure that your ceremony is stress-free and well-coordinated. Your Ceremony Coordinator will take care of the planning and preparation, physical logistics, and etiquette of your wedding party. The Coordinator also keeps the other professionals (e.g. Musicians/DJ, Photographer, Videographer, etc.) aware of the Ceremony's timing and activities agenda.


Coordination meeting (1 hour allotted)

  • One planning meeting to discuss all ceremony details


Conduct the rehearsal (1 hour allotted)

  • Ensure the Ushers know their duties, including how to seat guests (especially the VIP's), and how to line up when the Ceremony is about to begin.

  • Ensure the wedding party and family know their duties and the process for the ceremony

  • Instruct the bridal party on how they are to line up for the beginning of the Ceremony, and the order and manner in which they will proceed up the aisle.

  • Ensure the Officiant, Bridal Party, and Bridal Couple know where and how they are to be standing during the Ceremony.

  • Assist Officiant as needed with ensuring the Bride knows what to do with her bouquet during the ring exchange.

  • Assist Officiant as needed with special procedures and timing associated with Unity Candle Ceremony, Sand Ceremony, etc if included with Wedding Ceremony.

  • Instruct all the members of the Wedding Party on how they are to recess back down the aisle after the Ceremony is finished.

  • Verify who will be responsible for filing marriage license after ceremony is complete (normally the Officiant)


Conduct pre-ceremony activities (1 hour allotted prior to ceremony)

  • Ensure that decorations are placed correctly for ceremony (flowers, unity candle, portrait, easels, sign in book, etc). Manager will not physically set out any décor items provided by the wedding couple, as this is the couple’s responsibility to designate a friend or family member to do so.

  • Ensure flower bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages have been distributed to bridal party, groomsmen, and designated family members.  Manager will only distribute floral items and cannot pin on the boutonnieres or corsages.

  • Ensure that the rings are with the appropriate bridal party members.

  • Ensure that the Ushers assume their positions and seat guests appropriately as they arrive.

  • Check the Bride's appearance, including hair, make-up, bridal gown, train, headpiece or veil, flowers, etc., before her Ceremony entrance, making any necessary adjustments.


Conduct the Ceremony (1 hour allotted)

  • Ensure that the members of the Wedding Party are lined up in the correct order for the processional

  • Answer any last-minute questions from anyone involved in the Wedding.

  • Cue the Bridal Party as well as the professionals at your Wedding (e.g. Musicians/DJ, Photographer, Videographer, etc.) when the processional and other important activities are about to begin.

  • Cue musician to start ceremony music

  • Cue processional with appropriate timing between wedding party members

  • Ensure that bride is kept out of view until time for the grand entrance

  • Be available to handle any problems that arise during the Ceremony.

  • After the ceremony is complete, ensure that a designated friend or family member has collected all items needed to be taken to Scenic Springs for the Reception (i.e. flowers for the reception area, gifts, photos, sign-in book, etc)


$325.00 if ceremony site is within a 10-mile radius of Scenic Springs

Honeymoon Planning

Exotic island vacations, luxury and adventure cruises, romantic European getaways. However you perceive your perfect honeymoon to be, we're here to help you find the perfect trip. Whether it's a honeymoon or a family vacation, make sure it's the perfect trip...


When should you start planning?

We always recommend planning your honeymoon at least 6 months prior to your desired departure date. This ensures that you receive the best rates for the trip you want. Also, there are many "early bird" specials you can get in on.


How do we work?

First, we ask a series of questions that will help us to narrow down the perfect destination. We make sure you are completely informed and well educated on the area. Along with your documents, you will receive an assortment of extra information in a personalized packet. There are no extra costs or hidden fees and every one of our clients gets the same exceptional service. We're looking forward to making your next trip a memorable and enjoyable one, so give us a call today and get packing!


Whats included?

We will begin the planning process with a complete consultation consisting of questions that will help us to evaluate your personal preferences and get to know the vision you have of your honeymoon.  It's our goal to help you to choose the perfect destination.

Once your documents arrive, we put a personalized package together that includes maps, brochures, packing tips, airport info, a recap of your trip and much, much more. You also get a little gift from us to remember your special trip...

Just answer some simple questions and we do the rest!

Wedding Manager

A Scenic Springs Wedding Manager is included with all Ceremony Only, Ceremony & Reception and Reception only packages!   A Manager will contact the bride within 2-3 weeks after booking to schedule an initial meeting. **


Initial Meeting

At a mutually-agreed upon date & time the Manager will meet with the bride and groom to discuss preliminary plans for the event. (2 hours is allotted)


Final Meeting

One month prior to the event the Manager will meet with the wedding couple to finalize all details, including guest count, timeline, floor plan, decorations, completed vendor list, and any other logistical/planning issues.  (2 hours is allotted)

**Two meetings are included, but more can be scheduled for an additional charge. Managers are also available by cell phone and email to answer questions between time of booking and the wedding day.


Prior to wedding:
  • Assist in creating a wedding day schedule of events for wedding party, family, & vendors

  • Finalize all details with wedding couple no less than 1 month before event

  • Contact selected vendors to confirm arrival & setup arrangements 1-2 weeks prior to event

  • Be onsite and available for 1 hour after Couple’s or Party’s initial arrival to assist with questions

  • Return onsite 1.5 hours prior to event start time to oversee final set-up and be point-of-contact for vendors

  • Supervise the selected vendors’ set-up and resolve any vendor issues prior to and during the event

  • Direct vendors’ placement of the floral arrangements, centerpieces, and cake

  • Direct vendors to their setup location (DJ, Caterers, etc)

  • Set out décor items rented through Scenic Springs (i.e. easels, photo station…).   Manager will not set out any décor items provided by the wedding couple, as this is the couple’s responsibility to designate a friend or family member to do so.

  • Ensure flower bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages have been distributed to bridal party, groomsmen, and designated family members.  Manager will only distribute floral items and cannot pin on the boutonnieres or corsages.


Wedding Rehearsal and Ceremony:
  • Conduct wedding rehearsal (usually the day before)

  • Instruct ushers in the seating of guests and family members

  • Direct wedding party processional line-up

  • Coordinate processional, order of the ceremony, and the recessional

  • Cue musicians and wedding party

  • Coordinate with officiant & musicians


Wedding Reception:
  • Ensure that all candles are lit and lighting is appropriate prior to reception

  • Maintain established timeline for reception, including picture-taking, grand entry cueing, dining, music, dances, toasts, cake cutting & other reception activities

  • Ensure that Caterer prepares bride and groom’s dinner plates and beverage of their choice before dinner is served

  • Serve as musicians’ main point of contact for proper cues per timeline (Grand Entrance, toasts, cake cutting, 1st dance, bouquet & garter toss)

  • Ensure top tier of the wedding cake is boxed and saved for the couple

  • Coordinate the Couples’ send-off

  • Assist Party with any questions, concerns, etc

  • Handle any emergencies that might arise

  • Direct Couples’ designated friends and/or family members to gather gifts and personal items at end of reception


NOTE: Brides with personal planners are encouraged to request that they communicate and meet with the Scenic Springs Wedding Manager to ensure a well-coordinated event

Wedding Officiant

If you are in need of an officiant for your wedding ceremony, Scenic Springs has a wonderful onsite officiant who will work with you on a customized ceremony.  


Buying your first home
We have partnered with the finest Real Estate team to help you find your perfect home.  Whether it's your very first home as a couple, or your next home, you can expect excellence and personalized attention as a member of our team leads you through the steps of finding and buying your dream home with ease.