Frequently Asked Questions

How much is required to book Scenic Springs?

To reserve Scenic Springs for the Basic Ceremony & Reception Package, the security deposit is $800.  This amount will not be applied towards your venue rental fees, as it is held as a damage retainer in addition to your rental fees.  As long as no damages occur during your event, this $800 will be refunded back to you within two weeks after your event

To reserve Scenic Springs for the All-Inclusive Ceremony & Reception Package, the security deposit is $3,500.    Of this $3,500 security deposit, $800 is a damage retainer which will not be applied towards your rental fees.  The remaining $2,700 portion of this deposit is for included vendor booking fees and will apply to the contracted rental fees. As long as no damages occur during your event, the $800 damage retainer will be refunded back to you within two weeks after your event.

Am I able to change my date if I’ve already booked?

If your original booked date is 6 months or more in the future, you will be allowed to change your event date to another available date for a fee of $100.  Date changes that occur less than 6 months from the original booked date will be treated as a cancellation.

Since I have the venue from 11-11, can my event end at 11?

You must allow time to gather personal belongings and to allow all guests to be out by 11pm.  If your contracted time is from 11am-11pm, your event must end no later than 10:30pm and we strongly suggest that your bar end 30 minutes prior to your event ending time in order to allow guests to prepare for a safe drive home.

If you wish for your event to end later than 10:30pm, you can purchase an extra hour.  The rate is $300/hour.

What is a wedding day manager?

A Wedding Day Manager is your personal guide to help you through your wedding planning process here at Scenic Springs.  Many other venues claim to include a Wedding or Event Manager, but that often just turns out to be a staff member who is onsite to open up in the morning and lock up after the wedding.  You are still left to do all the work yourself.

Unlike those other venues, our Managers work one-on-one with you from the time you book through the completion of your event.   Your Manager will work with you to recommend vendors, put together timelines, offer assistance and advice along the way, coordinate with your chosen vendors on your behalf, and any other logistical/planning issues needed. 

Your Manager will direct your Wedding Rehearsal and your Ceremony on your wedding day.  She will be with you throughout the entire reception to coordinate with vendors, maintain the reception timeline to ensure all activities are taking place as scheduled, cue your vendors, and troubleshoot as needed.

Click Here for a full description of our Wedding Day Manager.


What are your payment policies?

50% of total rental fees are due 6 months prior to event, and the remaining 50% balance is due 2 months prior to event. 

What are your cancellation policies?

If you cancel at any time and for any reason, you will forfeit 100% of the Security Deposit. 

If you cancel between 2-6 months prior to your event, you will forfeit 100% of the Security Deposit and 50% of contractual rental fees.

If you cancel 2 months or less prior to your event, you will forfeit 100% of the Security Deposit and 75% of contractual rental fees.

Can we bring in our own alcohol?

Please refer to the Scenic Springs bar packages for a list of options.  We do offer a "You Bring the Alcohol" option.

Who is responsible for setup and cleanup?

Scenic Springs will set up all tables, chairs, linens, and any additional items rented from Scenic Springs.  You are welcome to bring in and setup any desired additional decorating items.  Please keep in mind the following:

  • Due to the potential harm to the resident wildlife, only items pre-approved by Scenic Springs may be used  (Ex: bubbles, birdseed, butterfly releases, and real flower petals are approved, but not rice, glitter, potpourri, fake flower petals or confetti).  Any materials possibly detrimental to wildlife may not be strewn on the Property.

  • Outside pets, fireworks, sparklers and open fires are not permitted.

  • If you will be staking any items into the ground, a Scenic Springs representative must supervise so as to avoid damaging the water & gas lines under the lawns.

  • If you would like to hang items on the walls or doors, only non-damaging items such as command strips may be used.  Avoid nails, staples, or any other items that will cause damage.

Scenic Springs will take care of cleaning up.  All that you are responsible for is taking your desired personal with you following the event.  Any undesired items may be left and will be disposed of by Scenic Springs. 

Do you charge taxes or other fees?

No.  At Scenic Springs, you will never be surprised with extra taxes, surcharges, or worst of all, vendor or venue fees.


Some venues impose extra fees (“vendor fees or venue fees”) upon each outside vendor that the couple hires for their event.  The vendors are sometimes contractually barred from even being able to disclose this information to the couple.  The result is that each of these vendors has to build these fees into their quotes to the couple so that the venue can be given this secret kickback or referral fee by the vendors.  This results in raising the overall wedding costs, sometimes by as much as 25%!  

This practice is done so that a couple can be enticed to book with them based on low rental pricing, but without realizing the hidden costs they will have to pay for that ‘low price.’

We feel that this practice is unethical, which is why all of our pricing is upfront.


Recommended Vendors

Scenic Springs provides brides with a list of vendors that we believe provide a superior level of service and quality.  We recommend that you strongly consider utilizing these vendors for your special day, as we know they will match the quality and service that we expect of ourselves.




Wedding cake


Wedding Order of Events

This order of events is a general guideline that Scenic Springs uses to plan out wedding events. Use these guidelines as a template to help plan out your wedding.


  1. Wedding music - the prelude - is played.

  2. Guests are ushered to chairs

  3. Grandparents and other honored guests are ushered down the aisle

  4. Parents of the groom and then of the bride are ushered down the aisle

  5. Processional music begins

  6. The Officiant, groom and best man take their place

  7. Attendants take their turns in the processional: bridesmaids and groomsmen first (usually arranged according to height), honor attendants last so they are close to the bride and bridegroom and officiant. Flower girl(s) and ring bearer(s) immediately precede the bride

  8. Music for the bride’s entrance begins

  9. The bride walks down the aisle, accompanied by her father or between her father and mother

  10. Wedding vows are exchanged according to the customs of the couple and the officiant.

  11. Rings are exchanged

  12. Special wedding prayers, readings, music, unity candle or sand ceremony take place

  13. The Kiss

  14. Introduction of the newly married couple

  15. Accompanied by recessional music, the married couple comes back down the aisle followed by attendants and family members


After the ceremony and photos are done, it’s time for the…


  1. Introduction of the Wedding Party by the band/DJ

  2. Introducing the Bride and Groom by the band/DJ

  3. Bride and Groom sit and are served dinner

  4. Guests have dinner

  5. Toasting the Happy Couple

  6. Cutting the Cake

  7. Bride & Groom's First Dance

  8. Father & Daughter's Dance

  9. Mother & Groom's Dance

  10. Special Dances

  11. Bouquet and Garter Toss

  12. Dancing and Fun