Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Process for Booking an Event With Wedgewood Weddings? 
We have a first-come-first-served policy regarding date availability. Your wedding date is locked in and reserved as soon as you book. You can then continue making updates to your contract until ten days before your event.

What Happens at a Booking Appointment?
You’ll sign your contract at this meeting, make your first payment, and receive your exclusive Wedgewood Weddings planner. We’ll also set up your future appointments, which will help everyone stay on the same page about your event.

What’s the Payment Schedule?

•    25% of your estimated total forms your space reservation fee and is due when you book
•    25%, or the total needed to bring you to 50%, is due 180 days before your event
•    50% is due 10 days before your event
We accept certified checks made out to ‘Wedgewood Weddings’, money orders, or credit card payments. You can make payments in person, by mail, or over the phone. All payments are credited to your final balance. 


How Long Is a Wedding?
Our packages offer five or six hours of event time. You also have access to the venue for at least one hour before your event.  
If you would like to extend your event, you may be able to purchase additional time at an hourly rate.

What’s the Initial Contractual Commitment?
You're committing to the venue, your wedding date, start time, and minimum dollar amount (before service charge and tax). 
You can change your guest count and package details throughout the planning process. 
Your changes may affect your final price, but we'll explain them throughout the process, so you don't have any surprises.

Can We Provide Our Own Alcohol?
No. We hold the liquor license and are responsible for serving all liquor on the premises. For this reason, we do not allow any outside alcohol. 
We include a fully stocked bar and a bartender with each package, and we have a variety of cash or open bar options that you can add to any package. 
If you have a special drink request, we'll do our best to accommodate it. 

How can We Use Wedgewood Weddings Vendors?
If you've decided to use our recommended vendors (for décor, entertainment, cake, etc.), we'll introduce you, and you can schedule appointments with them directly. 
The design of each element is up to you, so you can create exactly what you want by working together.
We’ll organize your catering and beverages in-house, but you can bring in outside vendors for everything else, if you wish. 

Does Wedgewood Weddings Carry Liability Insurance?
Yes. We have venue liability insurance.

Details are correct as of May 1, 2022.
For further details or to ask additional questions please call or text our friendly team on 866.966.3009


Recommended Vendors

Scenic Springs provides brides with a list of vendors that we believe provide a superior level of service and quality.  We recommend that you strongly consider utilizing these vendors for your special day, as we know they will match the quality and service that we expect of ourselves.




Wedding cake


Wedding Order of Events

This order of events is a general guideline that Scenic Springs uses to plan out wedding events. Use these guidelines as a template to help plan out your wedding.


  1. Wedding music - the prelude - is played.

  2. Guests are ushered to chairs

  3. Grandparents and other honored guests are ushered down the aisle

  4. Parents of the groom and then of the bride are ushered down the aisle

  5. Processional music begins

  6. The Officiant, groom and best man take their place

  7. Attendants take their turns in the processional: bridesmaids and groomsmen first (usually arranged according to height), honor attendants last so they are close to the bride and bridegroom and officiant. Flower girl(s) and ring bearer(s) immediately precede the bride

  8. Music for the bride’s entrance begins

  9. The bride walks down the aisle, accompanied by her father or between her father and mother

  10. Wedding vows are exchanged according to the customs of the couple and the officiant.

  11. Rings are exchanged

  12. Special wedding prayers, readings, music, unity candle or sand ceremony take place

  13. The Kiss

  14. Introduction of the newly married couple

  15. Accompanied by recessional music, the married couple comes back down the aisle followed by attendants and family members


After the ceremony and photos are done, it’s time for the…


  1. Introduction of the Wedding Party by the band/DJ

  2. Introducing the Bride and Groom by the band/DJ

  3. Bride and Groom sit and are served dinner

  4. Guests have dinner

  5. Toasting the Happy Couple

  6. Cutting the Cake

  7. Bride & Groom's First Dance

  8. Father & Daughter's Dance

  9. Mother & Groom's Dance

  10. Special Dances

  11. Bouquet and Garter Toss

  12. Dancing and Fun