Why are we different?

We love puppies!!

Oh..and we are not like any other Venue!

Have you ever wondered why most event sites and venues seem so impersonal?  When you visit most venues, you get a packet about their pricing, a quick tour, and a couple hundred cards from all sorts of vendors for catering, photography, cakes, and more.  The venue is just that....a site for you to use....and they leave all the work up to you.  That doesn't sound simple or hassle free now does it?

If you are a bride, you don't want to haul trash out to the street in your wedding dress do you?  Well, with most venues, you will probably have to kick off your heels and get to cleaning unless you pay a hefty fee!  Are you bringing your own caterer?  Imagine having to pay 25% more just to have them use the site you already paid for...Isn't that illegal?  We think so! 

Most "other" venues also tend to claim that they have a wedding or an event manager....but this turns out to be a person who just sits in an office while your event is happening.  That doesn't sound very managerial does it?  What happened to helping you plan your event, organizing the vendors, and making sure that everything is perfect? "Oh you wanted that..." they will say, "....well that's going to cost you extra." 

At Scenic Springs, we strive to be different.  We want to ensure that your wedding, party, or event is successful, simple, stress free and fun.  You shouldn't have to work so hard to have fun.  Our Wedding Day Manager and event planners handle everything for you.  We have made this our primary mission-to serve all your event needs in one location.

Scenic Springs is just outside of San Antonio, nestled in the charming town of Grey Forest, Texas (Helotes).   We have the ability to host, cater, clean, and prepare your party to your exact specifications.  Simply tell us what you desire, and we will make it happen.   


Imagine your dream wedding, corporate event, or birthday party.....but without the hassles of setup, breakdown, organizing, planning, frustration, or worry.  Imagine being able to make a wish, and having that wish come true.  We can do that for you....exclusively at Scenic Springs.

Unlike many venues, we guarantee to never have:


  • Charges for outside Vendors

  • Hidden Fees


Contact us now to start your personalized event today.  We promise to make your event the most hassle free experience in your life.

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